The history of the energy
transfer reset (ETR)

How it all began

In early 2018, Beverly Nation met a benevolent being in her meditation named Wyndsor. Wyndsor is a 9th dimension Arcturian who is also a fractal of Beverly.

Over the course of two months, Wyndsor taught Beverly the healing modality of the Energy Transfer Reset. Beverly spent many hours carefully channeling the information and asking questions to clarify the process.

Beverly decided to test it.

In April 2018 she set up a Facebook page and asked if anyone wanted to receive the energy transfer reset.

Over 170 people signed up from all over the world.

As Beverly began the session, she saw dark clouds moving towards her that were instantly surrounded by bright lights.

The dark energies were being transferred from the group members over to Beverly's energy field, where they were transmuted into higher frequencies.

Beverly knew that something real was happening.

As she began working with people in private sessions, she received feedback from clients on how their lives were changing. People were reporting various levels of healing and transformation.

Beverly conducted the energy transfer reset on her own dog who had terminal stomach cancer and blinding cataracts. In seven weeks, the cancer and the cataracts were completely gone.

The Arcturians told Beverly that the ETR is the most powerful form of healing for humans at this time. It was given to humans as a gift to help with the ascension to 5D.

Thousands have now experienced the ETR and hundreds have been trained to spread the ETR across all countries.

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