For years people have traveled to Sedona, Arizona and mt. shasta California to find high-frequency energy.

Those days are over.

Now you can locate pockets of high-frequency energy near you with an energy location report.

Based on a process that utilizes 11.5 million satellite, ship, and air magnetic measurements gathered by scientific agencies worldwide, an Energy report can be generated for any location in the world.

High magnetism generates high-frequency energy.

There are pockets of high magnetism all over the world.

You may live in an area with high magnetism and high-frequency energy.

Energy Location Reports by Email

When you order an Energy Location Report, tell us what

address you want us to research for the report.

Your multi-page report will include the following:

1. More information about the Earth's magnetic fields

2. The benefits of living or visiting a high-frequency energy location

3. A close-up photo of the location showing the energy rating

4. An expanded view (zoom out) of the location showing the energy ratings for surrounding areas

The report will be emailed as a PDF. The cost is $20 per location.